Ayurvedic remedies, for tender care

'Kaumarbhratya', one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, is especially dedicated to ensure good health in children. Since centuries, Ayurvedic preparations have been used for children in order to nurture a healthy body and sharpen intellect, from infancy until adulthood.

Ayurveda emphasizes on using certain tonics and medications that can develop immunity power and intelligence in children, as well as protect them from different diseases.

• Lal tail nourishes the skin and is readily absorbed by the body. It also helps prevent many skin infections, nappy rashes and itching. A daily gentle massage with this oil helps in proper bone formation, muscular agility, blood circulation and relaxing the baby for having a sound sleep pattern that ultimately builds a better immune system.

• Gripe water contains Sarjikakshara and Mishreya tail, and serves as an effective carminative.

• Badam oil, obtained from ripe kernels of Prunus Amygdalus is 100% pure, and provides nourishment to dry skin, and prevents allergies. It can be consumed or applied on the body.

• Janam Ghunti contains Anjeer which is not only good for the infant's liver but also for digestion. It also acts as a cooling agent for the stomach and has high nutritive value.

• Draksha/Kishmish contains essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron in an easily absorbable form. It is an expectorant, laxative, and blood purifier; and is useful in fevers and colds that arise due to a thrush infection in children.

• Ajwain prevents flatulence, indigestion, colic dyspepsia and diarrhoea.

• Palas Beej and Bidang are known to expel intestinal worms.

• Vach prevents flatulence and loss of appetite. It is useful in dyspepsia and choleric diarrhoea.

• Amaltas acts as a laxative, especially for habitual constipation.

• Sanai is a mild laxative, and also contains Saunf, Unnab and Gulab Jal.

• Aravindasava is a general tonic that helps promote growth, and prevent digestive disorders in children. It contains Kumuda, Ushira Mool, Gambhari Tvak, Neelotpala, Manjishth, Ela, Bala, Jatamansi, Mustaka, etc.

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