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  • New-born babies have an innate need to be loved and nurtured. This is extremely important for their physical as well as psychological well‐being and growth. Protecting them from disease is also vital, as a healthy childhood is integral to a healthy life. Children are known to pick up and learn things through their senses. With age, these five senses only get sharper. However, with the increasing environmental hazards, pollution and other concerns, the growth and immunity of the child is being increasingly hampered. 'Kaumarbhratya', one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, is especially dedicated to ensure good health in children. Since centuries, Ayurvedic preparations have been used for children in order to nurture a healthy body and sharpen intellect, from infancy until adulthood.

    Common ailments

    Cough and cold:
    The most common complaints by children include cough and cold. They are known to be caused by different microorganisms. Repeated occurrences bring down the immunity of the child. On an average, a pre-school and primary school child suffers from occurrences of 3-8 coughs or colds per year.
    Food allergies and rashes:
    There has been a change in the trend of food habits of children. They increasingly opt for unhealthy junk food instead of a healthy, balanced diet. Sometimes their bodies react adversely to certain kinds of food, and they develop rashes and other gastric symptoms.

    Infections or contaminated food, lead to gastrointestinal disturbances, and frequent watery stools or diarrhoea is a common result. Children frequently suffer from diarrhoea owing to their unhealthy food habits.

    Indigestion: This is one of the most common problems found in children of all ages. Various Ayurvedic preparations help combat indigestion, especially in children.

    Constipation: While babies are slowly getting accustomed to their diet and meal patterns, constipation is a common worry. It is quite distressing for children to go through the pains of this specific condition. Sometimes, constipation is temporary, while other times it lasts for a few days. Chronic constipation may have underlying causes. In this case, the doctor’s advice must be sought without delay.

    Symptoms of illness in babies include rashes, cold sores, itchy patches on skin, severe dryness or redness with cracked skin, running nose, sore throat, severe coughing spells, gastrointestinal symptoms like stomach ache, stomach upset, vomiting and food allergies. The main factors that cause illness in babies are contaminated food is not cooked or cleaned properly, contaminated water, direct contact with the hands of an infected person, direct contact with an object contaminated with the virus and eating food prepared by an infected person.

    Home Remedies for baby care
    a) Oil nourishes the skin and is readily absorbed by the body. It also helps prevent many skin infections, nappy rashes and itching. A daily gentle massage with oil helps in proper bone formation, muscular agility, blood circulation and relaxing the baby for having a sound sleep pattern that ultimately builds a better immune system.
    b) Badam oil, obtained from ripe kernels of Prunus Amygdalus is 100% pure, and provides nourishment to dry skin, and prevents allergies. It can be consumed or applied on the body.
    c) Anjeer is not only good for the infant's liver but also for digestion. It also acts as a cooling agent for the stomach and has high nutritive value.
    d) Ajwain prevents flatulence, indigestion and diarrhea.

    Ayurvedic Herbs

    Kumuda, Ushira Mool, Gambhari Tvak, Neelotpala, Manjishth, Ela, Bala, Jatamansi, Mustaka, Palas Beej and Bidang

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    FAQ Baby Care:

    Q 1. I am a new mother, and at the time of discharge from the hospital my gynaecologist advised me not to give Janam ghunti, Gripewater or any other similar formulations except mother’s milk for the next 2 years. It came to me as surprise as I have seen babies growing without any problem having these products. Any reason why my gynaecologist has suggested I refrain from feeding the baby these products? Can you suggest some Ayurveda preparation for my baby that will aid in digestion of milk?
    A: There is no harm in giving the baby Janam ghunti or Gripwater, as long as he/she is not allergic to any of the constituents. Ayurveda is based on the principle of providing long life, thus all Ayurvedic medications are formulated so as to enhance the life and health of mankind. Dabur Janam Ghunti is good for digestion as it contain Anjeer; which is good for the infant's liver. It also acts as a cooling and soothing agent for the stomach and has a high nutritive value. Draksha/Kishmish contains essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron in an assimilable form. It is an expectorant, laxative, and blood purifier; and is useful in fevers and colds arising due to thrush in children. Ajwain prevents flatulence, indigestion, colic dyspepsia and diarrhoea. Palas Beej and Bidang are known to expel intestinal worms. Vach prevents flatulence and loss of appetite. It is useful in dyspepsia and choleric diarrhea. Amaltas acts as a laxative, especially for habitual constipation. Sanai is a mild laxative, and also contains Saunf, Unnab and Gulab Jal. Dabur Gripe Water contains Sarjikakshara and Mishreya tail, and is en effective carminative.
    Q 2. I have seen that many baby healthcare related TV programs mention the need of sun bathing for 15-20 mins everyday for proper bone formation and muscular agility. I remember my grandmother massaging my brother in the sun. I have been living in a flat in Mumbai after I got married, and there is no open space for sun bathing. How can I help my newborn get the benefits of a holistic massage and skin nourishment?
    A: Massage is very important for proper bone formation, muscular agility and proper blood circulation. You can use Dabur Lal Tail and/or Dabur Badam tail for massage. These oils are vata shamak , tyachya and ushana in nature. They are readily absorbed in the body, and nourish the skin. They also help in preventing many skin infections, nappy rashes and itching. A daily gentle massage with these oils helps in relaxing the baby and having a sound sleep pattern that ultimately builds a better immune system.
    Q 3. I need to stop feeding breast milk to my 6 months old boy as I have to get back to work. My baby is now on food supplements advised by my doctor. He is also on diluted cow’s milk, but very often he suffers from stomach bloating and constipation. Is there any safe and natural remedy for my child? I am very concerned and worried.
    A: Quite often, the digestion of an infant is disturbed due to external food and/or supplements, and is known to resolve with time. This could be the reason for bloating and constipation. Dabur has developed a unique formula to address such problems. You are advised Arvindasava, this is a general tonic for children, and is known to cure digestive disorders and promote growth. You can also continue with Dabur Janma Ghunti and Dabur Gripe water.
    Q 4. My baby’s skin gets dry after a bath; I have also seen some red patches around the nappy area. When I apply baby’s lotion they disappear, but body lotions do not cure the problem. Is there any natural cure for the problem? (Badam tail)
    A: Red patches can occur because of dry skin or allergy. Body lotion may provide temporary relief, but for best, long lasting results you are advised Dabur Badam oil. This is obtained from ripe kernels of Prunus Amygdalus. This 100% pure Dabur Badam Oil is extracted from best quality almonds which helps provide nourishment to dry skin, and prevents allergies.
    "The scientific/technical content of this publication has been developed and designed by LinHealth, a division of Lintas India Pvt. Ltd. for educational purpose only through monetary assistance from Dabur India Ltd. The content herein has been developed by clinicians and/or medical writers and/or experts. LinHealth has obtained consent from the respective authors and content generators for publishing the material appearing in this publication, as necessary. The expert comments expressed in this publication are solely the views of the authors giving such expert comments or authors whose comments are cited as source of material in this publication. Dabur India Ltd neither agrees nor disagrees with the views expressed in this publication and does not constitute or imply an endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation. Dabur India Ltd and the publisher acknowledge all copyrights and/or trademarks of third party contained or appearing in this publication. As the information contained herein is for educational purpose only we request you to please refer to the full prescribing information for complete details of any products and consult Registered Medical Practioners or Doctors before taking any decision on usage of the said products "
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