Ayurvedic remedies for Diabetes

Ayurveda has proved to be beneficial in various ways to keep the glucose levels in check. There are several herbs which are found to be effective in managing diabetes and lowering blood sugar level. The greatest advantage of such natural remedies is that they have no side effects.

Turmeric and gooseberry not only help reduce the amount of sugar in the blood but also prevent cells from decaying.

Vijaysar or pterocarpus may be able to reduce the glucose absorption by the intestines, making it effective in diabetes type 2. This anti-diabetic action has also been noted in some clinical studies .

Gymnema or Gurmar is a climbing shrub, the leaves of which have been traditionally believed to be capable of destroying sugar.

Guduchi has been traditionally used as an adaptogen – a drug that increases the body’s ability to cope with stress and illness.

Bitterguard and Fenugreek or Methi has many health benefits. It is found that bitterguard juice and fenugreek could reduce the amount of glucose in the blood. Regular consumption of bitterguard juice and gruel mixed with fenugreek powder is also found effective.

Curry leaves are also beneficial when chewed or its juice is consumed.

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