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  • The immune system is the body's network of cells and organs that is developed for fighting off infections. Weaknesses in the immune system can be either born with or caused by outside factors. Your immune system is a vital part of your overall wellbeing. If it is weak, then you are more susceptible to getting sick and developing serious illnesses. Immunity in Ayurveda is known as Vyadhi Ksamatva or Bala. As per Ayurveda immunity is influenced by the power of agni which is the ability to digest and absorb nutrients in our bodies. There are three types of immunity in Ayurveda they are: Sahaja: Natural Kalaja: Time, Season, Age Yuktikruta: Acquired


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    Innate immunity is also known as nonspecific immunity. It is the natural defenses of the body from the time of birth. Innate immunity can prevent the colonization, entry and spread of microbes.

    Adaptive immunity is of two types, naturally acquired and passive immunity. Naturally acquired immunity occurs through contact with a disease causing agent, when the contact is not deliberate. Artificially acquired immunity develops only through deliberate actions such as vaccination. Both naturally and artificially acquired immunity can be further subdivided into active and passive immunity. Passive immunity is acquired through transfer of antibodies or activated T-cells from an immune host, and is short lived. Active immunity is induced in the host itself by an antigen and lasts much longer, sometimes lifelong.

    Passive Immunity is ‘borrowed’ from another source and lasts for a short time. For example, antibodies in a mother's breast milk provide the baby with temporary immunity to diseases that the mother has been exposed to earlier. This can help protect the baby against infection during the early years of childhood. Another example is the immunity acquired through blood transfusion in diseases like chronic renal failure or blood cancer or in haemorrhage.

    Symptoms of lowered immunity
    • Tiredness
    • Dark circles under the eyes
    • Depression and insomnia
    • Frequent colds, coughs and other infections
    Disorders of the Immune System

    Disorders of the immune system fall into four main categories:

    1. Immunodeficiency disorders occur when a part of the immune system is unable to function properly. It may be primary, when an individual is born with an immunodeficiency; or acquired, when certain conditions such as infections or drugs cause immunodeficiency. Acquired immunodeficiency is also known as secondary immunodeficiency.

    Examples of primary type: IgA deficiency, DiGeorge syndrome (thymic dysplasia), Chediak-Higashi syndrome and chronic granulomatous disease
    Examples of acquired/secondary type: HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection / AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) and immune deficiencies caused by medications

    2. Autoimmune disorders arise when the body's immune system attacks its own tissues mistaking them for foreign matter.
    Examples - lupus, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and ankylosing spondylitis.

    3. Allergic disorders occur when the immune system over-reacts to an antigen. The substances that provoke such attacks are called allergens. The immune response can cause symptoms such as swelling, watery eyes, sneezing and even a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis.
    Examples: asthma, eczema, environmental allergies (dust mites), seasonal allergies (hay fever), drug allergies (specific medications or drugs), food allergies (nuts) and allergies to toxins (bee stings)

    4. Cancers of the immune system occur when cells that fight immunity fall prey to cancer. Leukemia, which involves abnormal overgrowth of leukocytes, is the most common childhood cancer. Lymphoma involves the lymphoid tissues and is one of the more common childhood cancers.

    Immunity can also be improved by consuming natural immunity boosting foods regularly. Visit our immunity blog to learn how to increase immunity and the top home remedies to improve immunity power.

    The symptoms of a weak immune include cold, flu, herpes, cold sores, fatigue etc. As per Ayurveda, ama is the root of all ailments. Indigestion and ama formation prevents nutrients from reaching the tissues and weakens the immune function. Ama is caused from incorrect eating habits , unhealthy lifestyle, stress and some diseases like cancer and AIDS , these impact the digestive process and immune function. The other causes of a bad immunity are stress, genetics, poor diet and metabolic disorders.

    a) Add 1 tablespoon of ashwagandha powder to a glass of warm milk and consume it once a day
    b) Ginger tea is known for properties that boost agni, thus consuming ginger tea will help in the development of the body’s immune system
    a) Manjistha (rubia cordifolium) b) Katuka (picrorrhiza kurroa)
    c) Neem
    d) Haridra ( commonly known as turmeric)
    e) Daruharidra ( barberry)
    f) Kumara (aloe Vera)
    g) Mulethi - Liquorice
    h) Amla

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    Immunity can also be improved by consuming natural immunity boosting foods regularly. Visit our immunity blog to learn how to increase immunity and the top home remedies to improve immunity power.

    FAQ Immunity: Dabur Chyawanprash

    Q: I am a diabetic person and I tend to get cough and cold during winters. I am already on allopathic medicines for my diabetes and now I do not want to have more drugs for my cough & cold. What should I take from Ayurveda preparations?
    A: It is observed that the immunity of diabetic patients reduces with time, thus making them more prone to diseases like cough, cold etc. Dabur Chyavanprakash is a sugar free chyavanprash; it contains more than 48 natural ingredients such as Amla, Guduchi and Ashwagandha. These constituents build immunity and provide energy. The sugar-free formulation is a safer alternative for diabetic patients and helps improve their immunity.
    Q: The doctor has prescribed a tonic for my 5 year old son, but he does not want to drink as the taste is very bitter and leaves him quite irritated. Is there any preparation in Ayurveda that will make him stay healthy and also help in his growth?
    A: Enhancing the overall growth of the body only with tonic with multivitamins is not sufficient. A five year old requires a holistic growth tonic such as Dabur Chavanprash. It is enriched with 48 natural ingredients such as Amla, Guduchi, and Ashwagandha. It helps in building immunity, developing the brain, and provides energy throughout the day. Dabur Chyavanprash comes in tasty variants such as Mixed fruit, Mango & Orange. Dabur Chavanprash will help him stay healthy.
    Q: I am an overweight person and had made a New Year resolution to reduce weight. I am trying to cut on my food intake but fear that I might get weaker and fall sick, which I want to avoid. Is there any Ayurvedic preparation that will help me remain active and also not add to my calories?
    A: For reducing weight it is not required to cut down your meal, but it is advised that you be cautious and aware about what you eat and how much you eat. Lack of nutrition through dieting ultimately leaves you craving for food and you will end up eating more instead. Dabur Chavanprash helps by not letting your efforts go waste. It does not let the body deprive of vital nutrients and nutrition and gives you strength and energy which is also required to maintain an exercise regimen. It contains more than 48 natural ingredients like Amla, Guduchi & Ashwagandha building immunity, strength and vitality of body.

    One of the biggest fears people have about chyawanprash is that it leads to weight gain. This fear is based on the fact that this herbal remedy contains clarified butter or ghee. However, ghee is not the main ingredient in this herbal tonic. It is mainly used for proper mixing of the ingredients. Furthermore, the amount of clarified butter in chyawanprash is very low, which cannot lead to weight gain.
    Q: I travel to different cities and come in contact with many people. I fear getting respiratory infections or any other contagious diseases. What can I take in Ayurvedic preparations to protect myself from contagious infections?
    A: Contagious infections are more on the rise, especially when you are constantly travelling. The main reason for being susceptible to such trivial ailments is low body immunity. The only way to tackle this is by boosting the immunity of the body.
    You can take Dabur chyavanprash on an empty stomach in the morning and at bed time. It can be taken directly or mixed in warm milk or water, twice a day for better results. Dabur Chyawanprash is a time-tested, age-old formulation which contains Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi) known to have immune strengthening properties and many other trusted Ayurvedic ingredients providing many other benefits for healthy life.

    Immunity can also be improved by consuming natural immunity boosting foods regularly. Visit our immunity blog to learn how to increase immunity and the top home remedies to improve immunity power.

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