About the challenge

Let’s Make India Immune

Kids form our world, define our future. They are a reflection of a healthier, stronger and progressive nation. As they say 'healthy roots lead to a healthier tree', it's our duty to ensure that our children get a healthy environment to grow in. An environment that helps them develop a strong foundation with a strong immune system. And that is why Dabur Chyawanprash has decided to take the lead and is dedicated to building a stronger, healthier and a more immune India. We, at Dabur Chyawanprash, know that immunity is shaped and strengthened from early childhood. We believe that besides family, schools play a significant and decisive role in shaping a child and his inner strength and hence, are key agents of empowering the future of India.

Immune India School Challenge 2013

A pan India contest providing a platform for schools to compete and establish themselves among the best. Through this program, we invite you to contest with hundreds of other schools of the country and hence be a part of this movement.

Join The Movement

After last year's successful challenge, this year we are back to take this mission a step forward with Dabur Chyawanprash Immune India School Challenge 2013. As a socially aware and responsible educational institution, your support and participation is absolutely crucial. Thus, we hope you will join hands with us and help build a healthy generation and a healthier nation.

Continuing our journey on the road to building an immune India, we hope to make this challenge bigger and better this year with even more participation from premier institutions like yours.

The Scope

Across 4 states in India: Delhi, Maharashtra, UP and Bihar.