Stay fit this summer-facts about the wonder herb plant,Amla

Its summer time and along with it arises a battle to seasonal diseases. Let’s see how Amla can help us prevent such diseases and stay strong!

Common summer ailments and how ayurveda can help

Mercury levels are soaring up this summer season, and as usual the incidence of diseases is on the rise. Summer brings it with a host of symptoms such as excessive body heat, dehydration, sweating, skin rashes, sunburns, acne, diarrhea, irritation, lethargy, cough and cold, constipation, acidity, gastroenteritis, food poisoning with vomiting, dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Who doesn’t love holidays

Shopping, packing bags, the mental countdown and all the excitement usually sets in weeks before a trip.
A change of scene could make all the difference to your general well-being, but what happens when you fall ill during your much-awaited vacation?

Ayurveda–a woman’s true best friend

Women often have multiple roles to fulfil– daughter, wife, mother, homemaker, and also a bread winner. Satisfying all these roles can be extremely stressful and may pose threats to their health and well-being, leading to various disorders. Having a friend like Ayurveda, could really help! 

Ayurveda can turn a frown upside down!

Children are a bundle of joy for every family. Their growing years are the most exciting but also a time when they are most prone to illness and disease.  However, falling ill too often can affect their overall immunity, leading to a lot of distress to the child as well as parents.