How to boost immunity

Ojas  is a Sanskrit word meaning life , immunity, radiance, inner vitality, vigor, or life juice. It is the essential substance or essence of the body that protects and sustains us and determines our emotional, physical and mental health and happiness.

How to increase immunity

The concept of immunity in Ayurveda is explained as Vyaadhikshamatva, understood as resistance to disease that arises out of robust health.

Home remedies for cough

Cough is a common health ailment, which usually comes along with cold. This is usually known as Kapha(water) disorder in Ayurveda.

About Indigestion

The word ‘Ajirna’ in its of itself signifies the state of incomplete process  of digestion on ingested food.

About Gas Trouble

Flatulence, known as Aadhyaman in Ayurveda, is caused due to an imbalance of Vata and Pitta Dosha. Flatulence is the presence of excessive air or gas in the stomach or intestines that bloats the organs.