Acid Peptic Disorders (APD) and Management with Ayurveda

Acid Peptic Disorder is major problem worldwide affecting millions across the globe. In most of the cases it is associated with lifestyle changes and stressful life. Both Peptic Ulcer Syndrome and Gastric Ulcer Syndrome come under Acid Peptic Disorder.


Diarrhoea is the passage of liquid or watery stools more than 3 times a day. Infant diarrhoea is very prevalent in India. Almost everywhere in India the morbidity and mortality due to this disease is creeping up.

About Rashes in Babies

Skin is the most exposed part of the body. The main function of the skin is to protect the body from germs, dust and other elements that could harm the body.

About Constipation in Infants

As new parents, you will always be looking for your baby's next smile and laugh, little reassurances that your baby is happy and healthy and that everything is okay.

Baby care tips

Our ancient Ayurvedic literature deals elaborately with the emotional and nutritional needs of the child. To ensure proper growth and development of the child Ayurveda has a treasure chest full of tips