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Baby care tips

About baby care tips
Our ancient Ayurvedic literature deals elaborately with the emotional and nutritional needs of the child. To ensure proper growth and development of the child Ayurveda has a treasure chest full of tips. Health and disease in Ayurveda are explained via three ‘doshas’ (vata, pitta and kapha). To stay fit and healthy all these three doshas need to be balanced. A slight change in this balance leads to disease.

Symptoms and Causes /Benefits
Ayuurveda is not just a science but a way of life, one of the simplest techniques to restore dosha balance is abhyanga (massage using warm oil and nurturing, loving massage strokes). The baby also benefits from abhyanga (massage with warm oil). Oiling the baby’s body enhances their growing circulatory system, gently presses impurities out of new tissues, increases immunity, supports digestion and releases stress and tension. Thus massaging a new born not only helps in growth but also prevent a number of illness. It can help ease your baby’s tummy troubles and teething pains, boost his muscle development, calm him when he’s fussy and soothe him to sleep.

Remedial Action
Home Remedies/ Massaging Tips
a) Choosing the perfect massage oil is very important for your baby's comfort
b) Keeping your baby's skin moist is very important. During the first couple of months after the baby is born, regular oil massages and bathing are crucial.
c) If you are confused on which oil to use, the market has a number of options. While branded baby oils are always available at your nearest store. At the same time grandma's tried and tested oils like pure sesame, coconut oil and olive oil too can be tried.
d) Follow your baby’s cues. Do not force a massage on the baby. If he turns away or frowns or cries when you lay your hands on, save the massage for later.

Preferred Ayurvedic herbs in massage oil.
a) Sesame oil mixed with herbs is used for daily ayurvedic massage for babies upto 2 to 3 years b) Calendula flowers, Till Tail, Ratanjyot and Shankha Pushpi are key ingredients one mustn’t forget to massage the infant with.

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