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Welcoming home the new born and their well-being.

The journey of becoming a mother is acknowledged as a great transition in the ancient Ayurvedic text.

Postpartum care and infant massage are essential for both babies and mothers. Very often a mother who has recently delivered has problems with anxiety, insecurity, dryness, constipation, gas, digestion, and disturbed sleep. These are all vata-air complications. According to Ayurveda, after child birth, the mothers must be treated to rectify this specific imbalance. The optimal balance is achieved through appropriate food preparations for the mothers, keeping the home clean and warm and allowing the mother and baby maximum rest and daily peaceful body massage with warm oil. The well-nourished and well rested mother can give all her affection, and required nourishment to the new-borne which renders a lifelong good health for the baby and the emotional well-being.

The baby benefits from abhyanga (massage with warm oil) that begins just days after birth. Oiling the body enhances the baby’s growing circulatory system, gently presses impurities out of new tissues into the shrotas (channels of the body which control circulation and elimination), increases immunity, supports digestion and releases stress and tension (such as the muscle tightness from being cramped in the womb). Massaging the baby is a wonderful way to communicate and bond with the newborn, as well as learning their unique ayurvedic body constitution and nature (prakriti). Health of Infant and Child is based on Health of Mother. After birth the child is dependent on mother for nourishment and breast-feeding is the most desired supplementation for the baby. Lactating and breast feeding mothers must consume freshly cooked light meals that are warm and are well-balanced with good protein content, vegetables and fruits.

The newly borne baby is the citizen of the future, who will manage family, society and country in the times to come. Naturally, the baby being Healthy at Physical and Mental level shall be able to lead family, social and country in the right direction or towards regression of all during the entire life span. Keeping in view these facts, extensive caution and care should be taken regarding infant and child with regards to diet, hygiene, cleanliness development of milestones, emotional development and motor development.

The atmosphere at home must be serene, happy and contended and all the family members should participate in the rejoicing the birth of the child in the family. The formative growing years of the baby influence the entire life-span for an individual and thus all the family members should engage themselves in the positive manner for bringing up the baby. After all the Healthy baby is the happy baby!!

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