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About Gas Trouble

Flatulence, known as Aadhyaman in Ayurveda, is caused due to an imbalance of Vata and Pitta Dosha. Flatulence is the presence of excessive air or gas in the stomach or intestines that bloats the organs. Gas is a common problem among most of us and also a highly embarrassing one which leads to pass fowl smelling gas with or without noise as it is considered a bad manner. Some people suppress this urge, but Ayurveda recommends this urge not be suppressed as doing so can give rise to many diseases.

Causes and Symptoms
The causes of gas are impaired digestion and poor absorption of foods in the small intestines. Additionally, a diet that is low in fiber and a sedentary lifestyle causes indigestion or ama (mucus) formation leading to flatulence. Symptoms may include pain or feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea, lethargy, dullness, belching and headache in some cases.

Remedial Action

Home Remedies
a) Warm water taken during indigestion is an instant pain-reliever. If the patient is unable to eat anything, they should be given warm water at regular intervals.
b) Ayurveda says that black pepper is very effective on acidity and digestive organs, resulting in an increased flow of saliva and gastric juices. It increases the hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach and thus helps digestion.
c) Have 1 glassful of buttermilk with 1/6 teaspoon each of roasted cumin seeds powder and dried ginger powder. Add black salt according to taste.
d) Baking soda immediately neutralizes the acid and works fast. Mix equal parts of baking soda and water and drink it as soon as you feel indigestion.
e) A small amount of Ajwain seeds, about 5-10 seeds can cure most flatulence problems.

Ayurvedic Herbs to cure flatulence:
Hingutriguna Taila, Kumaria Asava, Hingavastak Choorna, Chooma, Ajmoda and Cardamom.

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