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About Indigestion

The word ‘Ajirna’ in its of itself signifies the state of incomplete process of digestion on ingested food. The main reason for indigestion is agnimandya (weakened digestive fire).The Ayurveda approach of explaining digestion is very simple and effective. The food we eat is digested by Agni or body fire which is present in our body. The three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha help agni to digest the food.

Symptoms and causes
The symptoms of indigestion are aversion towards food, constipation, nausea, vomiting, pain in abdomen, body ache, feeling of heaviness in chest & body, giddiness, headache, backache, repeated yawning, burning sensation in chest and sour belches .Irregular eating habit is the prime cause of indigestion the other causes are over eating, sleeping during day time and eating spicy food.

Remedial Action

Home Remedies
a) Water medicated with dry ginger and coriander seeds can be of good help.
b) Warm lime water should be taken with few drops of ginger juice & a pinch of pepper powder.
c) A small piece of ginger with salt should be chewed at the beginning of the meal.
d) Sweet & fresh buttermilk with a pinch of cumin seed powder should be taken after meals.
e) Ajwain, saunf should be chewed after meals, this helps digestion.
f) Avoid eating stale, excessive spicy & oily food.
g) Avoid eating fermented food, junk food & bakery foods regularly

Ayurvedic herbs to treat Indigestion
Triphala. Dadimastika, Talisadi, pippali choorna with ghee or honey.

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