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How to cure cough

About cough
Cough is a common experience for all human beings. It is an important, inherent, protective and defensive mechanism. Cough helps remove mucus, noxious substances and infections from the respiratory passage, and protects the body from aspiration of foreign material. Thus, cough is a symptom with many facets. It is a protective mechanism for the lungs, a warning sign of disease and a detrimental symptom when persistent. Whether it is cough associated with the common cold, or breathing distress associated with allergies and asthma, respiratory diseases are a constant source of irritation and misery. It involves a rapid expulsion of air from the lungs. It is usually done both deliberately and involuntarily. Phases of cough include – sharp inhalation (breathing in), a forced exhalation, and finally an explosive release of air. Due to the fact that cough is a natural reflex, suppressing it might have a negative effect.

Symptoms and Causes
Cough generally occurs due to an infection in the respiratory tract, but it can also be due to pollution, consuming cold foods, chronic bronchitis and smoking.

Remedial action

Home remedies
a) Quit smoking
b) Avoid irritants and allergens that make you cough. These include cigarette smoke, air pollution, paint fumes, scented products like perfumes or air fresheners, and allergens like dust, animal dander and pollen.
c) Follow a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
d) Be physically fit.
e) Ginger tea: It helps by drying up a running and dripping nose and expels phlegm from the respiratory tract. Also ginger is known to soothe a common cold to make it bearable and perhaps even speed up the recovery process.
f) Milk and turmeric: Besides ginger tea or masala chai, warm milk and turmeric mixture is a popular and effective way to fight a cough. This mixture is applicable for children and adults too. Turmeric and milk are also healthy ingredients needed for healthy living.
g) Honey and brandy: Brandy keeps your chest warm or increases body heat, while honey helps fight a cough. A teaspoon of brandy and honey helps cure cough.

Ayurvedic herbs to treat cough
Ayurvedic herbs and spices like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, long pepper, turmeric powders etc are used for the treatment of cough.

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