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Hormonal imbalance in men

About hormonal imbalance in men
In men, the symptoms of aging are often the result of a growth hormone and testosterone decline. After age 20, a man's growth hormone falls about 14% for every 10 years. By the time he reaches 40, he's lost almost half the growth hormones he had at 20-years-old and by the time he reaches 80, men are left with just 5% of their original growth hormones. These imbalances can happen at any age.

Many of the symptoms of male hormonal imbalances come on very gradually. These symptoms of male hormone imbalance are some of the most common:
a) Erectile dysfunction
b) Low libido
c) Night sweats or hot flashes
d) Mood swings or irritability
e) Muscle loss or weakness
f) Depression or anxiety
g) Increased body fat
h) Hair loss
i) Fatigue or lack of energy
j) Memory loss
k) Constipation or increased bowel movements
l) Gynecomastia (development of breasts in men)

Remedial action

Home remedies
a) tart with the thyroid, iodine rich foods such as seaweed ,beans, organic yogurt, organic non-sugared cranberry juice or fresh cranberries, unprocessed Himalayan salt and fresh organic strawberries are among the top choices for iodine to keep your thyroid hormone production high.
b) Avoid processed or hydrogenated oils for cooking and salads.
c) Use cold-pressed virgin olive or coconut oil, and organically produced real butter instead.
d) Take vitamin B-complexes for an excellent boost if you are feeling fatigued or experiencing mood swings.

Ayurvedic herbs to treat hormonal imbalance
Garlic, fermented soy, milk thistle, selenium and flaxseed.

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