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Constipation home remedies

About constipation
Constipation is a condition in which one experiences infrequent bowel movement, difficulty in passing stool or a feeling of unfinished evacuation of stool. Constipation can lead to accumulation of harmful waste materials in the intestine which produce ama (toxins) that gets carried to the whole body through blood.

Symptoms and Causes
Symptoms of constipation are different for different people. However, the main symptom of constipation is the inability to pass stool even though there is a strong urge to do so. The causes are diets that do not contain green leafy vegetables, inadequate water consumption, excessive consumption of meat which is hard to digest, consumption of liquor and lack of exercise.

Remedial Action

Home Remedies

1. Drink a full glass of water every morning when you get up.
2. Put a teaspoonful of ghee into a glass of warm water and drink before bedtime each evening.
3. Choose foods which have plenty of liquids such as fresh fruits and vegetables; tomatoes, sugarcane, beets, and papaya are particularly good choices.
4. Refrain from eating rice because it absorbs liquids in the system.
5. Eliminate foods that are hard to digest such as legumes and cabbage.
6. Chew all food slowly and thoroughly.
7. Get regular aerobic exercise.
8. Consume a tablespoon of castor oil.
9. Soak Isphagula seeds in water before eating
10. Take a teaspoon of aloe gel twice a day.

Ayurvedic herbs for constipation
Isabgol, triphala, flaxseed and dandelion root


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