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Tips for your new born baby

Parenthood is a moment of jubilation bringing in new responsibilities.
The welfare of the baby is primarily in the hands of the parents. Parents must be prepared to undertake the new responsibility to fullest with lot of thought processes and untiring energy. Healthy baby is a happy baby and the expectant mothers must take utmost care during pregnancy with proper nourishment, adequate rest and being positively occupied during the pregnancy. The expectant mother must remain confident for safe delivery and should always follow doctor’s advice.
Once the baby is delivered, the new mothers must quickly learn to breast feed baby. For healthy living there is no substitute to mother’s milk. It is a gift of nature that gives nourishment, protection against diseases and helps the mother and child develop an eternal bond that is a guiding influence for the baby throughout the life.
Few simple baby care tips that can be followed for a healthy and happy baby:
  • Maintain cleanliness at home.
  • Keep household well ventilated with natural air and light.
  • If you have pets at home, wipe floors as frequently as possible.
  • Give your baby oil massage with warm water bath daily. Do not take very hot water. It can cause harm to the baby.
  • Keep the soap, shampoo, powder etc. separately for the baby; use special baby soaps, baby oils specially indicated as they have very delicate skin.
  • Never hold your baby in an awkward position; always give support of your hand below their neck and head.
  • Breast feed your baby as frequently as possible; Breast feed babies do not need external supplements until 3 months old; always consult the doctor before indulging into any external feeds.
  • Follow the medical consulting schedule; never skip the vaccine dose.
  • Use loose soft fabric for babies; never use strong detergents to wash baby clothes as can cause skin rash in babies.
  • Never use damp nappies, damp clothes; always use washed and dry clothes. As far as possible use cotton nappies to avoid skin rash in babies.
  • All the caretakers and household members must maintain good personal hygiene to maintain good health of the baby and reduce any chances of contagious diseases.
Babies are gift of God, precious and must be cared for with lot thoughts, love and affection.
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