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Simple tips to keep your baby skin healthy

Baby’s skin is so soft, smooth and silky, that one just can’t help but touch it. Mothers have the joy of nuzzling those chubby little cheeks and also have the responsibility of caring for and protecting their baby’s delicate skin from irritation, chemicals, allergies and the environment, just to name a few.

Following are some, simple easy-to-follow tips to give the confidence and knowledge to keep baby’s skin healthy.

  • Cleanse: Mothers have to follow a regular, night-time bath routine. This is calming for the baby and washes away oils and excess dry skin that can lead to other skin conditions. Using fragrance-free, pH-balanced soap for the areas that need it, like baby bottoms and chubby folds of skin is essential.
  • Moisturise: Moisture replenishes what the baby’s skin loses and gives child a protective barrier. It is good practice to do this on a regular basis, usually morning and evening. Creams are good choices because they contain more oil, go on smoothly, and contain humectants, which help the skin retain moisture.
  • Prevent: Mothers have to watch for certain skin conditions – baby acne, diaper rash and even eczema and have to take steps to prevent these. Application of a good moisturiser is necessary to prevent water loss in the diaper area day and night. Gentle soaps, creams and ointments – not simply lotions – are great tools for eczema prevention. Also, a regular baby bath, complete with a soft-bristle brush for the head and scalp, can help in the fight against any problems. The child should be properly clothed and protected from the sun to avoid the sun’s most harmful rays.
  • Treat: Baby’s skin is sensitive and delicate, so when unwanted conditions and irritations occur, mothers should try various treatment options and consult a dermatologist for additional help if needed.

Baby’s skin care is important since damage to the skin at such a young age may affect the individual in the future. All aspects of baby skin care are important to have a happy and healthy child.

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